The European Biodiversity Standard





•  A new way to assess your company’s impact on the natural environment;


•  A standard clearly illustrating where your company is succeeding and where you may wish to make improvements;


•  An independent process open to every company.


Many companies operate environmental management systems, often certified to ISO 14001 or EMAS. However, biodiversity issues are frequently neglected or even omitted, despite their importance. The EBS provides a Europe-wide process for you to use in your company, to measure, improve and demonstrate publicly your ecological performance. It uses a set of ten criteria to identify an company's management performance:


1.  Commitment 6.  Implementation
2.  Survey 7.  Measurement
3.  Assessment 8.  Partnerships
4.  Legal and other requirements 9.  Communication
5.  Planning 10. Review








If you make the grade, the assessor will recommend that you are awarded the EBS. If you are not quite there, the assessor will advise on the requirements for reapplication. The EBS is accredited for two years, with an interim self-assessment after year one and a full reaccreditation process at the end of year two. Throughout this time you can use the EBS logo as a public statement of your achievement.




•  It equips your company with a clear and unbiased instrument to communicate and promote your commitment and performance towards biodiversity and sustainability;


•  It benefits your company in acquiring loans and investments from financial institutions that increasingly utilize biodiversity and sustainability criteria in their investment policies, as well as public bodies that use these criteria in their purchasing policy;


•  It gives your company a comprehensible way to integrate biodiversity into your company’s practices and environmental management systems and to improve your biodiversity performance.


•  It makes a company part of a network with up-to-date information on biodiversity issues and relevant EU policy developments.


UN Environment Programme, European Commission, Global Nature Fund, CBD Secretariat and IUCN welcome the EBS.


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The EBS is financially supported by the European Commission LIFE+ programme