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Set your standards for biodiversity


The EBS assesses a company's impact on the natural world and helps it to contribute positively to the environment. In the process, the EBS also shows the company's commitment towards biodiversity.


Key features of an Environmental Management System, in terms of commitment, assessment, planning, measurement and review are incorporated, as well as key elements of a Biodiversity Action Plan process through the survey, action and partnership approach.




Attaining the EBS is a fairly simple process:


IN THE FIRST STAGE you carry out a self-assessment through filling in the self-assessment pack that can be acquired through this website. This self-assessment measures where your company is now in relation to biodiversity. This process will identify progress achieved as well as areas for improvement.
IN THE SECOND STAGE your company can apply for award of the EBS. This stage involves a visit by an independent assessor  to the company to verify its self-assessment and assess the company performance. This accreditation process will seek evidence of progress made in each of the EBS criteria. Based on the visit, the independant assessor will write an advisory report to the assessment panel. This panel consists of three independant members with a lot of expertise and experience in relation to business and biodiversity. If the company is up to the standard, the panel will advice ECNC to issue the award. If the company is not quite up to standard yet, the assessor will give advice on how to improve and on guidelines for reapplication.


If the company thinks that it is up to the standard, it can apply for an external assessment with the assessment form attached to the self-assessment pack. At this stage, the company already has to provide evidence that the given criteria are met by providing a written and signed version of the company's biodiversity strategy or policy together with the application form. 


UN Environment Programme, European Commission, Global Nature Fund, CBD Secretariat and IUCN welcome the EBS.


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The EBS is financially supported by the European Commission LIFE+ programme