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“UNEP supports the EBS as an important practical tool to assist enterprises in greening their operations and sites”.
United Nations Environment Programme



“I would like to thank you very much for your European Biodiversity Standard initiative, designed to provide tools for companies and institutions to measure, improve and demonstrate publicly their ecological performance. The concept is extremely interesting for us and we would like to hear from you on how you are progressing regarding its implementation in practice by small, medium and large companies”.
EU Commissioner of the Environment Janez Potočnik



In 2012 Global Nature Fund and ECNC signed a Memorandum of Understanding which defines the basis for collaboration regarding the development and implementation of their Biodiversity Check for companies and the European Biodiversity Standard. Details can be found at the Business & Biodiversity Campaign website.



In his letter to ECNC, the Executive Secretary of the CBD welcomes the EBS as a contribution to the implementation of decisions on business engagement and application tools and efforts made during the 10th CBD Conference of the Parties in Nagoya (held in October 2010). He says:


“In engaging with business, the crux of our activities must be to help create a ‘level-playing field’ where companies can compete without fear that efforts to act sustainably will put them at a disadvantage. This is where the power of standards comes into play. Standards allow companies to benchmark their progress and activities against established guidelines that other businesses must (or should) follow. In many sectors, from seafood to wood products to cosmetics to mining, consumers are demanding that companies follow sustainable procedures and principles. Those failing to react to these pressures may be punished by the market”.
Convention on Biological Diversity Executive Secretary Mr. Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias



"IUCN is committed to participate in the development and review of biodiversity standards, and it is therefore very encouraging to see that a European standard for business is now in place”.

IUCN Regional Director for Europe Dr Hans Friederich


UN Environment Programme, European Commission, Global Nature Fund, CBD Secretariat and IUCN welcome the EBS.


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