Center Parcs retains biodiversity benchmark


29 July 2010
Center Parcs was the first organisation to be awarded The Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark for all its sites since 2007 and has achieved this accreditation again this year. Following rigorous audits at all 4 UK sites, the Biodiversity Benchmark was presented to Center Parcs in recognition of its continual efforts to protect and enhance the natural environment at its four holiday villages across the UK.
Center Parcs is the leader in the UK short break holiday market and its success is a unique example of how the commercial needs of an organisation can be satisfied in harmony with the needs of the natural environment. 
The pioneering Biodiversity Benchmark enables organisations across the country to assess the quality of their land management, improve their contribution to the environment and demonstrate their commitment to biodiversity.  Similar to other standards for management systems, the Biodiversity Benchmark is composed of a set of detailed requirements which an organisation must be able to meet. Furthermore, it is the first truly recognised endorsement to acknowledge organisations who continually commit to biodiversity improvement.
The Chartered Landscape Architect said: “Center Parcs is delighted to have received the Biodiversity Benchmark for all our sites for the third year running.  Even for an organisation with well established systems, the discipline of the Biodiversity Benchmark helps Center Parcs focus environmental management and continually improve our natural environment - to the benefit of wildlife and visitors alike.
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