Certified sites and companies





The following companies are in the process of attaining the EBS:


1.  Nestlé Waters Viladrau (Spain);


2.  Landscaping company Brouwers Groenaannemers (the Netherlands).

The EBS was developed and is managed by ECNC through a partnership with biodiversity specialist Middlemarch Environmental Ltd.


Middlemarch have also developed the Biodiversity Benchmark; a sister standard.


The Biodiversity Benchmark is similar to the EBS but designed specifically for the UK.



The following companies have achieved the Biodiversity Benchmark stamp for one or more of their sites:



British Airways is UK's global airline. It seeks to ensure their customers fly confident that, together, they are acting responsibly to take care of the world they live in.


CENTER PARCS (tourism)

Center Parcs  was the first company to achieve the BB for all its sites in Britain in 2009, going on to retain it in 2014. It offers short break holidays on a year round basis. Center Parcs aims to be one of the leading sustainable ‘Large Scale Tourism Destinations’ in the UK.



E-ON (energy)

E-on is a power and gas company - generating electricity, and retailing power and gas. Their strategic aim is to deliver cleaner and better energy by offering innovative energy services and technologies, and help people across the UK become energy fit.



Veolia Environmental Services offers sustainable waste management solutions to customers throughout the UK. Through initiatives in the workplace, marketplace, community and environment, their goal is to transform attitudes towards waste – and transform waste into a resource.


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UN Environment Programme, European Commission, Global Nature Fund, CBD Secretariat and IUCN welcome the EBS.


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The EBS is financially supported by the European Commission LIFE+ programme