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One of Nestlé’s production sites – the Nestlé Waters España S.A. plant at Viladrau, Spain – was assessed in 2011 following the European Biodiversity Standard method. The production site is located in the Montseny massif north of Barcelona. The massif’s highest peaks are just over 1700 metres high. Montseny was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978. In 1987 the regional government designated it a natural park, which means that the focus in the area lies on the conservation of flora, fauna and terrain.
The production site has been at this particular location since 1968, long before the area was designated a biosphere reserve. Because the production site is situated in a natural park, Nestlé Waters has to compensate for the infringement of nature that results from the extraction and bottling of drinking water at the location. Therefore, the site has systems and policies in place to protect nature and biodiversity.
The site has significant positive biodiversity potential due to work carried out by Nestlé at the plant and in the surrounding area.
The Viladrau plant met almost all of the criteria in the assessment process, with one exception. The overall result of the assessment of the plant was positive, and recommendations were made on how to further improve its biodiversity performance.

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